Here I Go Again…

OK, everybody, Squawking is gonna come back here, maybe, kinda, sorta….

I have NO bloody idea what I’m doing but I think I found a cute looking blog thingy and found someone to help me.

If you love me and you loved the column then do whatever it is people on here do to like this thingy and then you can listen to me bitch about the following:

  • Being forced to cook foods that I don’t eat for holiday celebrations.
  • Redefining butter (see above).
  • I am NOT your secretary, buddy. Are you mine? Let’s define this, OMG you meant quality time! I get it now!
  • Four dogs equals four alarm clocks.
  • Giving birth to a baby boy vs. giving birth to a boomerang. (Particularly bad when you can’t remember having slept with the Australian with the sexy accent. Just sayin’.)

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